Tour Lakeview Local Schools’ New PK-8 Building!

September 18, 2018

On September 4, over 1,100 preschool to eighth grade students at Lakeview Local Schools started the new school year in a brand new building. The new $31 million, 132,000 square foot school, designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification, was built on the same site as the old Middle School. Working closely with the District, GPD’s project team carefully designed and planned so that the old Middle School could remain operational during construction of the new building. Consideration was also given to the District’s increased number of students and accommodations for more buses and parking for visitors and staff.

The new school embodies Future Ready Learning Principles for the students of Lakeview Local School District. The design of the interior of the school features flexibility to maximize use of the building space with extended learning spaces (“Learning Commons”) instead of hallways and the ability to provide collaboration through classrooms with garage doors and operable partitions as well as movable furniture and cubbies. The interiors are color-coordinated per learning community for wayfinding for students, while the common areas incorporate school colors to promote school spirit and identity. The school’s student dining space acts also as learning and community spaces, with a Learning Stair for presentations and individual study and reading areas. The Media Center is open to the Learning Stair and accessible to students of all grade levels while book collections will also be housed in each Learning Commons. A technology-rich environment is key in utilization of the building, with large, mobile touch-screen computers, Wi-Fi and one-to-one student devices. A notable feature of the each Learning Commons is a small stage to be utilized, together with a projector for presentations.

Take a tour and learn more about the new school by watching the videos below.

Tour of Lakeview Local Schools PK-8 #1

Tour of Lakeview Local Schools PK-8 #2

Tour of Lakeview Local Schools PK-8 #3