Surveying Innovations to Build the Future

January 27, 2019

Since its founding, GPD’s land survey group has been at the forefront of innovative advancements that change the way we collect survey data. New technology has allowed our team to gather large amounts of data in a timely manner, reducing the time spent on-site and providing safer, faster, and more detailed ways to collect information. Every member of GPD’s land surveying group is technically proficient in their use of these technologies, which include, but are not limited to, geographic information system (GIS), robotic total stations, global positioning system (GPS), high definition 3D laser scanning, hydrographic / bathymetric surveys, underground utility locations, and unmanned aircraft system (UAS) aerial surveys / inspections.

Featured below are a few of the technologies our team uses to provide innovative solutions for our clients:

  • Drones (UAS) – used for inspections, stock pile volumes, mapping, and site videos / photos, which can all be gathered safely and accurately in a short period of time;
  • High Definition 3D Laser Scanners – collect large amounts of highly detailed, quality survey data quickly, efficiently and safely;
  • Total Stations – utilized for construction layout, land boundary surveys and mapping projects in areas inaccessible to drone or laser scanning. Measurement accuracy is high and data collection is very efficient;
  • GPS – offers accurate positioning for geodetic control in conjunction with the drone, laser scanning or total station surveys. Measurements are from satellites and provide accurate 3D results; and
  • Remote Control Boats – assist with hydrographic / bathymetric surveys for ponds, reservoirs, rivers, or shallow waters. This technology provides survey quality results with minimal safety issues.

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