New Keowee Bridge Provides Connectivity in Dayton, Ohio

October 7, 2019

Keowee Bridge

The new $12 million Keowee Street bridge, which carries North Keowee Street over the Great Miami River in Dayton, Ohio, is now open to the public!

The 490-foot long, 5-span existing structure was built in 1931 and was the last closed-spandrel reinforced concrete arch bridge in Montgomery County. It was determined that this structure was eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places and needed to be replaced.

Keowee Bridge Historical Plaque

The new 4-span, 515-foot bridge features precast pre-stressed concrete I-beams, reinforced concrete piers, custom metal railings, and decorative light poles. This bridge has regional significance, providing access between the City of Dayton and Harrison Township, and improving the connectivity of the Great Miami River Recreational Trail. Overlooks on each side of the bridge provide pedestrians with a great view of the river and surrounding areas. In addition, the roadway was widened from 4-lanes to 5-lanes and new traffic signals were installed to the west of the bridge at Embury Park Road to improve safety.

Keowee Bridge and Trail

Our team held public involvement meetings with local residents and businesses early in the design process to review different options for the new bridge and received significant public support on the post-modern style bridge option. Those in attendance proposed the color combination of the bridge to evoke McCook Field aviation heritage: blue beams, camel fascias and white piers.

Per the request from Greater Dayton Rowing Association, the center span length was increased to 140’-6” lateral clearance (perpendicular) between the faces of piers to better accommodate rowing.

Keowee Bridge Public Involvement Meeting

The new bridge officially opened to vehicular traffic on September 22nd to the excitement of local businesses, residents and trail users, who have had a tough year rebuilding after tornadoes swept through the area on Memorial Day.

“It’s always rewarding to see a large project like this come to fruition. This could not have been done without the tremendous effort and coordination with Montgomery County and various stakeholders, our GPD colleagues (bridge, roadway, traffic, environmental, architectural, and illustration teams), and support from the public,” commented Davin Ng, GPD’s Chief Bridge Engineer / Director of Transportation (bridges).

Keowee Bridge Ribbon Cutting

GPD was honored to join the ribbon cutting ceremony with many key partners including the Montgomery County Engineer, ODOT, the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, the County Engineers Association of Ohio, the Ohio Public Works Commission, Harrison Township, State Representatives, and the Eagle Bridge Company.

“The economic impact of this bridge project will be realized as we proceed with recovery and revitalization efforts following the Memorial Day tornadoes. This bridge opening represents one of our key factors to recovery in our strategic plan to rebuild our community,” explained Ron Casey, President of Harrison Township Board of Trustees. “Your work on this bridge is much more than just a replacement of a superstructure. It is a conduit for the residents of Harrison Township to reclaim what it lost on May 27th.”

Keowee Bridge Ribbon Cutting

Keowee Bridge Plaque