Our Story

GPD Group was founded in 1961. Five men from different architecture and engineering specialties came together because of their shared values: family and work fulfillment. Cordell Glaus, Bruce Pyle, Bob Schomer, Mel Burns and Bill DeHaven, with their combined skills, created the holistic approach that is still in practice today. Many years have passed since the days of Cordell, Bruce, Bob, Mel and Bill, but GPD Group maintains its passion for creating quality, functional solutions that enrich and enhance the lives we serve.

When our five leaders retired in 1986, the employees of GPD Group came together and bought the company. They then structured it to become the broad-based employee-owned firm it is today. Each of us is vested in the company, whether we’re an entry-level employee or the vice-president. We’re all working together to grow and prosper as one.

Over the years, we’ve worked diligently to grow without sacrificing our founding values. We’ve acquired firms with like-minded values that complement our holistic approach. We mentor students and entry-level employees to provide them with a strong start down their career paths, and we place people where we know they’ll succeed.


GPD Principals