Protecting what matters.

When it comes to environmental and ecological services at GPD Group, our priority is to deliver a solution that protects what’s important to you – environmental compliance, project timelines and your budget.

In 2011, we expanded and diversified our in-house environmental capabilities to include environmental professionals with a wide range of experience in environmental and ecological services. Our team is well equipped to assess existing environmental constraints and consult with you to provide the best possible regulatory scenario for your project. Whether identifying, delineating, or mitigating wetland habitats, meeting regulations for endangered species or navigating the myriad of waterway permit regulations, our team can develop a streamlined approach for project development in combination with natural resource preservation. We have experience with the latest NEPA compliance regulations and can handle the environmental documentation required for a variety of publicly funded projects. Our scientists routinely complete environmental due-diligence investigations for property transactions. We can also handle the transportation and disposal of hazardous wastes, assess and coordinate the removal of leaking underground storage tanks, contaminated soils and groundwater. To learn more, contact Lincoln Scott at 614.859.1603.



  • Wetland Delineation

    Stream / Aquatic Habitat Assessments

    Aquatic Surveys (Fish and Macroinvertebrates)

    Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys

    Terrestrial Surveys and Habitat Assessments

    Waterway Permitting (Section 401 WQC and US Army Corps Permitting)

    GPS Feature Location and GIS Mapping

    Roadway Corridor Studies

    NEPA Document Preparation (Categorical Exclusions and EA/EIS)

    Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

    Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

    Soil and Groundwater Sampling

    Cultural Resources Consultation (Section 106)

    Tribal Consultation

Representative Projects