Thinking about the box.

At GPD Group, we have the skills, the tools and the dedication, so you can have peace of mind. From planning, engineering and design to construction management, our knowledge of power systems helps us think inside, outside and all around the box. Our team is exceptional when it comes to utility substation design and upgrades, a result of having team members who are from the electric utility industry. Our knowledge of substations, transmission and distribution lines and generation shows we’re dedicated to this job – especially when we get that call in the middle of the night when the lights are out.

All of our projects reveal our attention to detail and ability to meet tight schedules. We keep you involved throughout the process so you can be confident that we’re working toward your success.

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  • Electrical Utility Engineering

    Arc Flash Study

    Day-to-Day Troubleshooting

    Distributed Generation

    Emergency and Standby Power Systems

    Fault Studies

    Motor Controls

    NERC Documentation

    Protective Relaying and Device Coordination

    SCADA Systems

    Substation Design

    System Planning Studies

    Transmission Line Design

    Utility Interconnects


    Site Grading


Representative Projects