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From the grit of the pavement up to the bird’s eye view, our Traffic Engineering team studies every inch of the road to develop a safe, fluid design. We’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to studying and analyzing roadways. And we’ll work closely with you and your team to keep the flow of traffic smooth and safe.

Combining state-of-the-art equipment with talented professionals means no project is too complex. Or too small. We’ll take on small traffic impact studies, all the way up to large corridor and interchange modification studies. Not to mention, GPD Group is prequalified with several state DOTs. Working hand-in-hand with the planning and funding team down the hall, we can keep your project moving in the right direction.

We’d love to hear about your project, so call Mike Hobbs at 330.572.2214.


  • Corridor Studies

    City Traffic Engineering Services

    Interchange Modification / Justification Studies

    Maintenance of Traffic Alternatives Analysis Studies and Design

    Major Guide Sign Design

    ODOT / ORDC Railroad Traffic Signal Preemption

    Safety Studies

    Signing and Pavement Marking Design

    Traffic Calming Studies

    Traffic Counts

    Traffic Impact Studies

    Traffic Management Master Plans

    Traffic Responsive Signal Design

    Traffic Signal Timing Development and Controller / System Programming

    Travel Time and Delay Studies

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