Working for One Water.

Drinking water. Wastewater. Wet weather. Whatever your needs, we have a water professional who knows the flow. Our full service in-house design team combines their knowledge of municipal engineering, sanitary and storm sewer design, watershed planning and restoration, stormwater management and sustainable site design to address every phase of the water cycle.

Mindful of the challenges of population growth, aging infrastructure, shrinking capital improvement budgets and regulatory compliance, we blend traditional engineered solutions with enhanced natural design to create truly integrated, sustainable and balanced water solutions that support our environment as well as our clients’ budgets.

Contact Tony Burgoyne at 330.572.3514 and together we can navigate the currents to get you to your water quality goals.


  • Drinking Water

    – Wells and Reservoirs

    – Treatment

    – Distribution


    – Collection and Treatment Systems

    Wet Weather Management

    – Stormwater

    – Watersheds

    – Green Control Measures

Representative Projects