FRA-70-12.68/14.05 (Phase 4A and 4B)

Columbus, Ohio
This section of I-70/I-71 serves as a critical link to the national and regional freight network and provides a critical connection for the traveling public. Phase-4A is a one mile section that widens I-70/I-71 to 10 lanes and eliminates exit and entrance ramps. GPD’s work includes the design of a new I-70 exit ramp through Front Street for eastbound traffic entering downtown Columbus; a new High Street Bridge; a new Front Street Bridge; two new major bridges over the Scioto River with complex geometry and curved steel girders; and multiple retaining walls of various types. Phase-4B is a half-mile section that widens I-70/I-71 to 10 lanes. GPD’s work includes a new 4th Street Bridge and a new 3rd Street Bridge. This phase allows full utilization of infrastructure constructed in Phase-4A.
ODOT District 6