High Definition 3D Laser Scanning

Since its founding, GPD’s Survey group has maintained a critical eye toward innovative advancements that change the way we collect survey data. High Definition Survey (HDS) is yet another example of investing in a technology that further enhances our ability to exceed client expectations. HDS is a non-intrusive means of rapidly collecting detailed and accurate data. Our Leica P40 laser scanner emits a narrow, eye-safe laser beam that sweeps across an area or target object, such as a roadway, bridge or building, gathering millions of closely spaced measurements in a matter of minutes. The resulting data is contained within a “3D point cloud” that can be further manipulated to extract the exact information needed for specific uses. This data can be used with a variety of design and visual platforms such as ACAD or Revit for viewing. Additionally, the data can be utilized for 3D “walkthroughs” or to develop renderings. HDS is particularly successful when used for projects that require collection of large amounts of survey data because it minimizes the need for multiple return visits to the site. It is also greatly beneficial for projects that are currently in operation to minimize the time on-site and reduce affects on operations. Once collected, the data can be used as needed throughout the life of a design project.