Building a solid foundation.

GPD Group’s team of geotechnical engineers promote the success of each project by offering a solid foundation to build on. Our experience extends nationwide for a variety of markets, including retail, telecommunications, oil and gas, and power. Utilizing our own fleet of drill rigs and team of geologists, we collect representative soil and rock samples for laboratory testing. Our geotechnical engineers analyze field and lab data and prepare geotechnical reports that not only provide recommendations for the design and construction of foundation systems, but also present cost-effective solutions to the unique issues facing each specific site.

For more information, please contact our Director of Geotechnical Delbert Channels at 330.572.3671.


  • Subsurface Explorations

    – Soil and Rock Sampling

    – Groundwater Studies

    – In-situ soil sampling

    – Test Pits

    Geotechnical Laboratory Testing

    Geotechnical Analysis and Recommendations

    – Foundation Design

    – Earth Retention Structures

    – Pavement Analysis and Design

    – Surface and Subsurface Drainage

    – Soil Stabilization and Modification

    – Slope Stability Studies

    – Water Detention and Retention

    – Construction Recommendations

    Special Inspections

    – Soil Compaction

    – Concrete

    – Masonry

    – Asphalt

    – General Earthwork Operations

    – Structural Steel Reinforcement

    – Welded Steel Connections

    – Bolted Steel Connections

    – SWPPP Inspections

    Foundation Investigations

    – GPR Studies

    – Ferroscanning Studies

    – Sonic-Echo/Impulse-Response

    – Parallel Seismic Testing

    – Impulse-Echo Testing

Representative Experience