Planning and Funding

Developing strategic solutions.

GPD Group understands that planning is the crucial first step to building stronger, more sustainable communities. We work with municipalities to create strategic infrastructure solutions that encompass the economic, physical, environmental and social needs of the community. Our comprehensive understanding of the municipal planning process allows us to determine the challenges of a project, examine alternatives, and ultimately design solutions, while communicating with stakeholders throughout the entire process. By identifying and securing potential funding sources to finance your project, GPD helps maximize project dollars to transform your vision into a reality.

For more information, please contact Mo Darwish, PE, Director of Planning and Funding, at 330.572.2174.


  • Highways, Bridges and Bikeways

    Park and Ride Lots, Pedestrian Improvements, including Streetscape Planning

    Water and Sewer

    Capital Improvement Plans

    Traffic Engineering and Impact Studies.

    Interchange Justification / Modification Studies

    Social, Economic and Environmental Studies

    Access Management Studies

    Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Facilities and Systems

    Transportation Demand Modeling

    Congestion Studies

    Safety Studies

    Cost Effectiveness Studies

    Strategic Funding Plans

    Funding application and Strategies (including Public Private Partnership)

Representative Experience