Reinventing Roadways for Modern Traffic Needs

To reinvent existing 4- and 5-lane one-way streets to fit modern traffic demands, the City of Akron sought GPD’s expertise to perform extensive traffic modeling and to design a new solution.  

GPD developed a funding strategy to support the project, which included awards in the following amounts: AMATS $3,600,000; HSP $5,000,000; and OPWC $1,200,000. By repurposing existing curb lanes, GPD’s design will provide on-street parking for businesses and dedicated on-street bike lanes with a striped safety shoulder. Intersections will be reconfigured with curb bumpouts for shorter and safer pedestrian crossings. Twenty-one traffic signals will be replaced with state-of-the-art controllers and LED signal heads. Finally, new curbing, sidewalk, street lighting, pavement resurfacing and landscaping will replace dilapidated infrastructure, helping to fully revitalize the area. 

Nearly $10 million in secured funding

State-of-the-art LED traffic controllers

Optimized vehicle and pedestrian traffic