Supplying the Right Frequency for Veterans Affairs Medical Centers

Several Veterans Affairs Medical Centers (VAMC) across the U.S. lack radio frequency (RF) coverage in their facilities, notably in basement levels and in tunnels connecting buildings, which prevents safety personnel from properly communicating with each other and dispatch.  

In Phoenix, GPD helped a VAMC hospital improve RF coverage at its main campus as well as two office-site clinics. The goal was to provide 700 MHz coverage in the basement level and first floor locations of all three sites. GPD designed, installed and commissioned the system, which was thoroughly tested to ensure that signal levels improved and provided excellent voice audio. 

The system was also documented with as-built drawings that show all component locations and system levels. These documents provide detailed reference that can help future modifications go smoothly. 

Enhanced safety and communication across buildings

Attention to detail and testing

Proactive planning for future upgrades and alterations