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“A New Part of the Experience”—Darrin Kotecki on the New

As the Akron firm launches its new website, President Darrin Kotecki discusses how the redesign better represents GPD’s culture, values, and the unique experience the company brings to its clients.

The new is a modern website in every sense—striking and responsive design come together with enhanced functionality, robust information, and compelling user experience.

But more than those qualities, says GPD president, Darrin Kotecki, the purpose of this ground-up redesign was to better represent the unique experience clients can expect when working with the firm.

“We’re really happy to have a website that helps illustrate who we really are,” Kotecki said. “Culture is a hard thing to define and express, but our culture is what makes GPD different, and is one of our competitive advantages. Our team worked hard to bring that to life on this website and to represent what it’s like to work with, and work for, GPD.”

An experience like no other.

The new site highlights GPD’s refreshed brand, and its new positioning statement: Redefining the Industry. Transforming Your Experience. According to Kotecki, these are words to live by for every team member at GPD.

“Our unique, broad-based ownership structure really allows us to bring a different approach to how we provide service to our clients,” Kotecki said. “Everyone at our organization has a stake in the company’s success—that means everyone has a vested interest in the well-being of our clients, and the power to make decisions in their best interests. For that reason, we wanted the website to truly highlight our people, showcasing the faces of our organization and the value they bring to every one of our clients.”

A new pipeline for talent.

The new was additionally designed in part as a recruiting tool, making it easier for young professionals to explore their company, their culture, and apply for positions.

“Recruiting employees in our industry isn’t easy,” said Kotecki. “But we have a great story to tell about our employees and everything that makes GPD a great place to work. We have an extremely low turnover rate and high employee satisfaction. This new site is in part a vehicle to tell that story, and I think it does a great job of doing that. First impressions are everything.”

Showcasing our expertise.

Elsewhere, the site makes it easier than ever for clients and potential clients to find the information they are seeking and learn more about GPD’s expertise. An interactive case study library showcases GPD’s breadth and depth of experience, highlighting a wide variety of projects and clients in industries ranging from retail, telecommunications, infrastructure, and much more.

“One thing we sometimes hear from our clients is that they didn’t realize how large of an organization we are, or the range of our experience,” said Kotecki. “I think the new website does a great job of highlighting everything we have to offer. I hope every visitor to the site learns something new about our organization and walks away with a better idea of who we are and what we do in and for our communities.”