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Enabling the Digital Forward “Chipotlane” Concept

In 2019, GPD Group partnered with Chipotle to complete a traffic study at one of the first “Chipotlanes” in the country. At this time, their concept of a mobile pick-up window was still in the pilot phase to determine how it would perform based on projected increased sales, improved customer satisfaction, real estate flexibility, and operational efficiencies.

Our team conducted the study to document the pilot operation and to provide Chipotle and local municipalities with hard data about the program. Because some cities were concerned that the Chipotlane would disrupt traffic flow and cause congestion, and that the store was not originally permitted for a drive-thru lane, we gathered information on customer wait times, the number of vehicles in the queue, total service times, and more across many days and time frames. Our study concluded that because the Chipotlane was not the same as a typical drive-thru, it did not require additional permitting.

As the needs of customers continue to evolve, GPD is performing a national traffic study for Chipotle as they look to adopt more “Chipotlanes” at their stores. The study provides a comprehensive cross-section that will be used to optimize the design and operational efficiency of this growing service option.

This project led to a strong relationship with Chipotle and to our position as one of the top Architecture and Engineering consultant partners for their new store development program.

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