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From Blueprint to Reality: Office Expansions Designed In-house with GPD Culture in Mind

Introducing the newest additions to our headquarters on the 5th floor — spaces that seamlessly blend productivity with comfort. The Hub and the Hangout were designed with innovation and collaboration in mind, enhancing teamwork, employee wellness, connectivity, and more!

The Hub – Accommodating Diverse Group Sizes and Encouraging In-person Meetings

As the company grew, we needed to create a space for larger gatherings. The Hub was designed as a versatile space to host meetings, training sessions, and special events of various sizes. Features incorporated in the Hub include:

The Hangout – An Oasis to Unwind and Unlock Potential

After the height of the COVID-19 pandemic passed, we aimed to create an environment that provided amenities to support individual-focused work and creative group spaces. The newly renovated Hangout area offers employees a relaxed space for a change of pace during the work day.

Key features and design elements in the Hangout area include:

  • Natural lighting that floods the space
  • Living room settings with sofas, the iconic Eames Lounge Chair, and coffee tables and accessories create a home away from home
  • A row of booths provides our team members a great alternative work space
  • A mix of new and whimsical antique accessories tie to the history of the building and the mission of the GPD Employee Foundation
  • Houseplants throughout the space bring the outdoors in and warm the environment
  • Small group meeting areas with quick connect technology allows impromptu meetings
  • Tall collaboration tables support a group lunch or meeting
  • The open area beyond the Hangout supports our Pizza Fridays and other large gatherings and fun events

The overall feeling and design of these rooms combine a mixture of new and old elements. The exposed ceilings and columns represent the rich history and use of the spaces. The incorporation of multiple colors and textures, natural light, wood tones, and soft pops of color bring a fresh perspective to the space. The natural woven light fixtures in different sizes and heights act as a showpiece of the corner living room vignette of the Hangout, which offers an incredible view of Downtown Akron.

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