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2020 Large Diameter Sewer Rehabilitation Project Wins Engineering Excellence Award

GPD Group is proud to announce the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) 2020 Large Diameter Sewer Rehabilitation project won a Diamond Award in the Waste and Stormwater Category at the 2024 Diamond Awards for Engineering Excellence, presented by ACEC/PA.

The 2020 Large Diameter Sewer Rehabilitation (LDSR) contract was the inaugural project within the LDSR program and included the inspection, evaluation, and rehabilitation of three sewer segments. After a thorough evaluation of available trenchless rehabilitation technologies, the project team selected a Geopolymer Lining System (GLS) that is spray applied, a product that had not been used for large sewer rehabilitations in the Pittsburgh area. GLS provides a structurally independent, corrosion-resistant new “pipe within a pipe.” GLS requires a small construction footprint that is beneficial in dense traffic areas, can be installed using an internal bypass, and does not require excavated entrance or exit pits. Click the image to enlarge –>

Due to the success of this project, PWSA is utilizing this technology on other large-diameter sewer rehabilitation projects. This technology utilizes a small construction footprint and eliminates the need for deep excavated entrance and exit pits, which reduces the impact on the public and increases overall construction safety, all while maintaining sewage flow throughout construction.

Wrapping up the final stages on the trenchless sewer rehabilitation, a groundbreaking feat in infrastructure innovation.

The finishing touches on PWSA’s trenchless sewer upgrade, a project that sets a new standard for urban sewer rehabilitation in The City of Pittsburgh.

Construction photos such as this provide vital insights into the renewed condition of the underground infrastructure.

Setting A New Standard: Capturing the success of the first large diameter sewer rehabilitation project in Pittsburgh that utilized a Geopolymer Lining System.

Additionally, PWSA was honored with the 2024 Client of Distinction Award, nominated by GPD Group. The Client of Distinction Award recognizes an organization or subdivision of an organization in the private or public sector who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement and growth of the consulting engineering profession.

Pictured (from left): Brent Sailhamer, Executive Director, ACEC/PA; Keith Jensen, Project Manager, GPD Group; Mora McLaughlin, Project Manager, PWSA Construction Communications; Toby Stutzman, Senior Group Manager, Wastewater Program, PWSA; and Ed Reese, Pennsylvania Water/Transportation Leader, GPD Group.

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) is a federation of 51 state and metropolitan Member Organizations that advocate for America’s engineering companies and promote their essential value to society.

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