An Award-Winning Sewer Solution for the City of Akron

In an effort to combat combined sewer overflow (CSO) issues in compliance with a consent decree, the City of Akron sought the help of GPD to fully redesign and engineer a solution. 

GPD approached the challenge through sewer separation and storage. Project design included 27,000 linear feet of new storm sewers, new diversion and underflow sewers within urban neighborhoods, and a 2.4MGal centralized wetland extended detention basin located on a sensitive site in downtown Akron along the Little Cuyahoga River, prompting additional bank stabilization efforts. 

Via fast-tracked design and an accelerated construction schedule, GPD helped the city successfully eliminate CSOs within the 424-combined sewershed and delivered a basin designed with a long-term maintenance as a focus. In the end, the project not only solved the city’s challenges, but was named the winner of an SRF Creating Environmental Success (PISCES) Award and the ACEC Engineering Excellence Award. 

27,000 feet of new sewer lines

Sewer overflow eliminated

2 major engineering and environmental recognitions