FirstEnergy Partners with GPD to Plan and Grow

GPD has a longstanding relationship with FirstEnergy, encompassing many power and facilities projects across the electric utility’s footprint. Recently, GPD conducted a space utilization study of FirstEnergy’s four primary office buildings totaling more than 1,275,000 square feet and maximized the space by improving working adjacencies while leaving room for future growth. GPD also worked with key stakeholders, contractors, a move management partner and furniture vendors to implement changes without disrupting operations. Now, space utilization data helps FirstEnergy plan projects, improve its offices and allocate overhead costs to various departments. 

FirstEnergy trusts GPD for site planning, civil engineering, and building architecture support for new and renovated offices, storage and maintenance facilities, and complex data centers throughout its property portfolio. Each project is unique, and services are tailored to specific needs. 

Space utilization study identified opportunities

Streamlined planning and implementation of office renovations, service centers and data centers

A tailored approach for every unique project