A Modernized Substation in Hudson

When the City of Hudson needed to upgrade one of its oldest distribution substations, it sought the help of GPD for experienced engineering and design services. 

GPD worked collaboratively with City staff to develop a scope of work to upgrade the substation, which involved the replacement of an existing walk-in switchgear building that had reached the end of its useful life. In addition, the City needed to increase substation capacity to serve more load. The scope of work also included replacing the existing gangoperated switches, adding bus voltage regulators, new station class surge arresters, insulators and bussing, transformer oil containment, and new dead-end structures to accommodate the two new 69kV breakers that were needed to create a new 4-breaker ringbus configuration.  

The new ring-bus and relaying allow the City significant ability to switch loads effectively and reduce downtime due to system faults.  Many of GPD’s in-house service groups, including geotechnical, environmental, survey, structural, site development, transmission and substation, worked together to provide a successful project. In the end, the project significantly enhanced and increased the substation’s reliability and operational safety. 

A comprehensive upgrade for an outdated subsystem

Significant reduction in power downtime

Increased reliability and operational safety