Updating History for the Navy

A new addition to a historically significant structure located on the Naval Observatory required new technology blended with a look that resembled the original building. Where attention to detail was critical, GPD was the perfect match, offering creative ideas that fulfilled the task.  

The addition called for a new copper roof that needed to complement the existing copper on adjacent rooftops, prompting GPD to engage the original contractor to complete the work. Meanwhile, a specialty finisher applied a powder coat to a new door and transom to match the appearance of neighboring facilities. The result was a new building that fits perfectly with the rest. 

Additional research and meticulous planning by GPD in the early stages of the project laid the groundwork for a near perfect match between old and new construction, which helps to maintain the visual integrity of the observatory. 

Big-picture planning with detail-oriented execution

Tapping into uniquely experienced talent

Mixing new technology with current aesthetics