UAV Infrastructure Observation With a New York-Based Midstream Natural Gas Company

A New York-based midstream natural gas company has worked with GPD for a variety of its natural gas projects, including initial drilling, midstream, compression, transmission and distribution throughout its western Pennsylvania and central New York footprint.  

GPD has utilized a variety of innovative techniques, including unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) observation for above-ground features such as valves, launcher/receivers and meters. These methods were a safer alternative to on-site inspection and helped streamline recordkeeping for critical utility infrastructure. Most recently, GPD completed an 8-mile survey for a lift and lay project that included all field work and alignment sheets for construction, along with tree-clearing staking, initial construction staking and as-built drawings.  

This client has taken advantage of GPD’s expertise in numerous oil and gas industry disciplines, eliminating the need for multiple contractors and creating stronger collaboration and partnership for ongoing success.  

© Photo by George Sheldon

Projects in two states

Innovative surveying techniques

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