Improving Water Flow and Quality at Fort Belvoir

A recent report showed that Fort Belvoir’s sub-watershed 04 had the highest percentage of impervious surface within the Accotink Bay Watershed and excessive stormwater runoff to a single pipe outlet. In response, GPD proposed installation of a stormwater management basin to treat runoff from the site and reduce erosion of the receiving stream channel. 

The solution was an upstream stormwater conveyance system that receives additional concentrated flows, which result from continued development. As well, a regional stormwater detention facility controls stormwater discharges, improves water quality and facilitates future stabilization of the receiving stream channel. 

GPD provided coordination, design and construction services to perform analysis, upgrades  and modifications of the stormwater conveyance system. GPD also designed and constructed a stormwater detention basin for the 70-acre watershed. The complete project complies with the Clean Water Act and Fort Belvoir’s MS4 permit requirements. 

Coordination, construction, and design services

In-depth analysis that led to proper installation

Multi-pronged planning to capture every detail