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GPD Group’s team of traffic engineers understands that the safe and efficient flow of traffic is vital to the success of a community. From small traffic impact studies to larger corridor and interchange modification studies, we offer an expansive variety of traffic-based services to address the specific needs of each client and enhance the fluidity of roadway networks within their community. Our expertise with traffic signal design, maintenance of traffic design and funding assistance, coupled with our prequalification with several DOTs, gives us the tools to solve the challenges of any project in an efficient and timely manner.

For more information, please contact our Director of Traffic Mike Hobbs at 330.572.2214.


  • Corridor Planning Studies

    City Traffic Engineering Services

    Interchange Modification / Justification Studies

    Maintenance of Traffic Alternatives Analysis Studies and Design

    Major Guide Sign Design

    ODOT / ORDC Railroad Traffic Signal Preemption

    Intersection / Interchange and Corridor Safety Studies

    Signing and Pavement Marking Design

    Traffic Calming Studies

    Traffic Counts

    Traffic Impact Studies

    Traffic Management Master Plans

    Traffic Responsive Signal System Design

    Travel Time and Delay Studies

    Traffic Signal Operations - Field Programming / System Timing and Programming

    Traffic Signal Asset Management / Inventories

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