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Slab Maintenance – A Key Component for Smooth Operators

Proper care for industrial concrete slabs is critical to: 

GPD’s asset management team can assist with evaluating slab condition, life-cycle planning, and developing best practices and repair procedures to verify the right repairs are performed at the right time, using the right materials.


Often overlooked, joint condition and slab performance are essential to maintaining efficient and safe operations. As concrete slabs age, the joint fill material deteriorates, creating an impact each time wheeled equipment crosses the joint, affecting associates’ health and increasing equipment maintenance costs. Confirming that the proper repairs are performed and appropriate materials are used is key to limiting future expenses.

Our engineers assess slab conditions to develop near-term corrective repairs and long-term maintenance planning. Our asset managers help clients develop budget forecasts and funding allocation for capital planning. With our combined resources and subject matter expertise, we can deploy planning and maintenance programs that suit our client’s individual needs.

Tailored solution options for each repair and upgrade scenario. Below are just a few examples:


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