Alvin ISD Finds the Right Prototype School Plan

Alvin ISD needed a new prototype elementary building to accommodate the district’s rapid growthone that could be repeated swiftly, efficiently and economically. GPD has extensive experience with prototype schools, including one constructed 18 times, and worked with Alvin to plan a facility that could easily serve the needs of multiple communities. 

While the layouts of the first two iterations of Alvin’s Shirley Dill Brothers and Bel Nafegar Sanchez elementary schools are nearly identical, differences in the interior and exterior finishes as well as color palettes give each building its own character and unique place in the community. The two-story, centrally located library makes a powerful impression on those arriving at the main entrance and creates dramatic views for those inside the building. Natural light enhances nearly all learning spaces in this compact design. Demand-controlled HVAC and shading devices also help curb energy use to meet the district’s goals. Alvin has already engaged GPD to begin work on a third design iteration. 

Prompt prototype planning

Same layout, different style

Energy savings, built-in