A Preferred National Partner for AT&T

As a leading wireless communication provider, AT&T requires partners that can deliver large-scale network deployments and support the management of their owned infrastructure assets. Across the nation, GPD is that partner.

GPD is one of AT&T’s preferred national vendor and a Tower Asset Review Program (TARP) vendor, and has performed over 35,000 structural and A&E tasks on AT&T-owned assets via direct AT&T awards or through AT&T-approved Turf vendor awards. With AT&T’s mixed deployment portfolio of raw land new site builds, co-locations on existing towers, water tanks and rooftops, and much more, GPD has the experience and expertise to execute and deliver at scale on a national level.

TARP (Tower Asset Review Program) approval

35,000+ structural, architectural and engineering tasks successfully completed

Expertise to deliver at massive scales