Reliable Fiber Services for Black & Veatch

Since 2016, GPD has designed core fiber long-haul for Black & Veatch, including fiber cable for the Optical Distribution Network (ODN), 5G sites and mission-critical enterprises throughout cities across the United States 

Throughout the project, GPD has provided underground routing, utilizing the GIS knowledge of existing utilities to provide efficient and constructible solutions. GPD optimized routes to utilize the shortest path and recalled jurisdictional pre-positioning to obtain the necessary permits. Gas-sensing technology is used for innovative construction strategies, and after projects are complete, GPD updates county GIS data and to increase the long-term reliability of the network.  

GPD also provides make ready engineering solutions when attaching aerial fiber to existing utility infrastructure. We provide field surveying solutions to audit the existing pole attachments and completed joint use applications for the aerial designs. The team analyzes this data to provide the most economical solution for the system. 

Comprehensive strategies for long-term network reliability

Aerial Fiber Engineering

5G sites