Tri-C Turns Old Industrial Warehouse Into New Innovation Center

Cuyahoga Community College’s (Tri-C) Transportation Innovation Center was relocated to a newly acquired building due to program growth and the need for updated truck driving and logistics training facilities. Tri-C enlisted GPD to help transform the preengineered industrial warehouse into a revitalized regional satellite campus. 

Reconfiguring the building’s administrative wing made it possible to accommodate learning areas, simulator rooms, testing labs and office space for faculty. Much of the infrastructure was repurposed in ways that minimized cost and allowed for additional scope of work desired by Tri-C to be realized. Our team also established a project schedule with milestones, ensuring the new building would be available before the lease governing the old location expired. Now, this vibrant educational center expands the college’s outreach to students and can support training for the new Amazon facility nearby. 

Transforming old facilities

Optimizing every dollar

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