University of Akron Builds Exciting Esports Lab

The University of Akron’s Esports lab was the first of its kind in Northeast Ohio and spurred excitement for the University’s new sports program. GPD conducted several programming sessions to identify the requirements for spaces across the campus that would host a combination of sports activities and intramural clubs. Each space had different challenges and configurations, but through thoughtful design, all were branded holistically to create a consistent image for the program. 

Our team stepped up to quickly create the Esports lab in time for the fall semester by assisting the University with architecture and interior considerations and by providing design for technology, data, electrical, and mechanical systems. GPD also designed a new HVAC system to handle the increased heat loads generated by over 100 gaming stations. Now the University has a powerful tool to attract, engage and entertain students. 

Creating one-of-a-kind spaces

Ensuring brand consistency

Building excitement and efficiency