Comprehensive Service and Support for FirstEnergy

GPD has been a reliable partner for FirstEnergy Corporation for over 13 years across a variety of design projects and services ranging from high-voltage substation and transmission design to mechanical, structural, civil/site, geotechnical, environmental, siting support, surveying and architectural services.  

GPD has designed hundreds of greenfield and brownfield substation and transmission projects since 2015, including some major projects involving multidiscipline solutions and a coordinated, collaborative effort among all stakeholders. Supported by our internal, full-service capabilities, the GPD team provides turnkey and stand-alone professional services for a wide variety of needs covering a 67,000-square-mile service territory across five states, which encompasses 10 electric companies. Throughout these projects, solutions have included substation design, transmission design, grid modernization, electric distribution and network design, engineering studies, communication and SCADA, permitting support, structural design, site access design, estimating services, and quality assurance and control assistance.  

GPD upholds FirstEnergy standards and meets high expectations on every project. Our long-term commitment to FirstEnergy has resulted in a great-working, trusted relationship and a capable team that continues to grow. 

13+ years of partnership

A range of successful projects

More than 67,000 square miles serviced