A Nationwide Team for EV Charging Stations

GPD has been a design partner of this national electric vehicle automaker since 2015 to spearhead a $20M program annually involving layout and design of numerous new supercharger stations across the United States. To-date, we have worked on over 700-sites and over 11,400 DC-Fast charging stalls. We help our client move quickly, stay compliant, and support their innovations.

As a critical partner, GPD leads layout and design of new supercharger stations. These stations typically involve 8 to 16 parking stalls that are retrofitted with the client Superchargers. Design layouts and electrical design documents are generated and prepared for permit and construction. We are the engineer of record for parking garages, greenfield sites, parking lot expansions, and existing parking lot retrofits. We provide the engineering for the new utilities and navigate the preferences of each jurisdiction across the United States. GPD has worked in 45-states with this client, with an emphasis on sites in California, Texas, and Florida. Our internal utility coordination focus and jurisdictional experience has helped us maintain schedule and quality.

700+ charging stations and counting

Comprehensive site design

$160M in investment