A Complete Architecture and Engineering Partnership With Jason’s Deli

In pursuit of new growth, Jason’s Deli sought an architecture and engineering partner to manage development projects, provide civil and structural engineering services, and better navigate the site-to-site due diligence process. GPD was the right partner for the job.  

GPD first evaluated the Jason’s Deli store design standards and completed a full value engineering initiative, which led Jason’s Deli to contract GPD to incorporate these ideas into their prototype. This effort demonstrated the value of GPD’s comprehensive, fully integrated and nationally licensed services, to become Jason’s Deli’s primary architect of record for prototype management and site-specific documentation for new builds and remodels.  

GPD reduced the Jason’s Deli building cost by more than 8%, streamlined the development and construction process by leveraging our integrated services, and refined their brand design standards. GPD has supported the opening of more than 65 new restaurant and several remodel projects, and spearheads the continuous improvement process for the Jason’s Deli restaurant development program throughout the country. 

8% total building cost reduction

65 new restaurants completed

A consistent, refined brand experience