A Consistent Brand Experience for a Global Coffee Retailer

In 2014, a global coffee retailer chose GPD to provide architectural and engineering services for their stores across several regional footprints in the United States. Projects include minor renovations, major remodels, ground-up new builds and more.

GPD has organized a dedicated, cross-functional team to work on 15-25 projects simultaneously in order to capture best practices and efficiencies. GPD teams have immersed themselves in the client’s design standards and processes and created conceptual design packages based on those standards (kits of parts). Design and documentation processes have been streamlined to shorten the development cycle and to facilitate the rapid implementation of the client’s unique store design, customized for each location across numerous regions while meeting company growth plans.

GPD has also developed example sets of design documents for multiple building types, including ground-up new builds, a drive-through only and tenant fit outs. GPD leveraged BIM technology and its fully integrated in-house architectural and engineering design teams to provide documents that are now the gold standard for future development.

15-25 projects completed simultaneously

Streamlined design and documentation

A consistent, quality brand experience