Supporting JOANN Stores with a Scope of Services

GPD has assisted JOANN Stores for over 25 years with architectural, engineering and planning services. A key part of this relationship is the ongoing support GPD provides to the fabric and craft retailer’s corporate office and distribution center in Hudson, Ohio. 

JOANN trusts GPD to deliver a wide scope of services, including space utilization studies, employee moves, departmental adjacencies and environment upgrades that enhance the workplace experience and employees’ connection to the brand. JOANN has also utilized GPD to strengthen the facility’s long-term maintenance and operations strategy, including the development of a building assessment and 10year capital improvement plan, electrical upgrades, roof replacements, as well as distribution center and parking lot enhancements. 

Connecting the office and creative store brand experience

Optimizing the store support center productivity and longevity

Ongoing capital improvement for companywide enhancements