Consolidating and Renovating a Testing Laboratory

GPD unearthed sensible and valuable solutions for the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) by evaluating three laboratory buildings at the MSHA’s Approval and Certification Center. It was decided the facilities would be consolidated within an existing 2,400-square-foot, preengineered metal structure that would be renovated under a design-build contract.  

For the flammability testing lab, GPD supplied programming, prepared the design-build request-for-proposal, assisted with bid selection and performed design validation services. For the renovated laboratory building, GPD provided commissioning services and reviewed construction documents at the 50% and the 100% stage for compliance with the owner’s project requirements, ease of maintenance and functionality. A runningissues log of deficiencies allowed GPD to track each comment and how it was remediated. GPD’s commissioning agent—acting as the owner’s technical advisor—created prefunctional and functional testing requirements for the heating/cooling, plumbing, electrical and industrial ventilation systems that serve 10 separate laboratory tests. 

For commissioning services performed, GPD earned an exceptional rating in all categories of the Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR). 

Technical expertise and consulting

Maximized utility and consolidation

Innovative solutions that account for every detail