GPD Is a Preferred Consultant for Nestlé Corporate Campus

At the Nestlé corporate campus in Solon, Ohio, GPD assisted Nestlé with several parking lot expansions at its campus. One project tasked GPD to evaluate an open field and implement a master plan to optimize stall location. This required an assessment of stormwater management and grade differentials. Findings informed the final design, which includes a bioretention basin, underground stormwater infiltration detention and a retaining wall, in addition to site electrical, landscaping, heated sidewalks and ADA stall/route relocation. 

Additionally, GPD completed the study and documentation for the restack of four floors of the 120,000-square-foot Bainbridge building. GPD designed to Nestlé’s global workplace standards and executed a seamless implementation within the occupied facility. This included several office-to-conference-room conversions, the addition of open workstations and new finishes along with lighting, electrical and HVAC modifications to support the improved, consolidated space. 

Seamless execution of engineering services

Parking lot expansion enhances corporate campus

Comprehensive stormwater management