Land Surveying, Environmental and Geotechnical

We believe the ground you build on is just important as the finished project itself. Trust GPD to assess any project’s needs, challenges and constraints, from comprehensive land surveying to environmental and geotechnical services.

Land Surveying

Our land surveying team utilizes the latest data collection technologies, from drones to 3D scanning. We analyze and refine the captured data to produce the most effective and accurate mapping for your project. From the air, over the ground or under the water, we provide the array of land surveying services that fulfill any project’s requirements.


Our environmental group conducts a variety of hazardous waste operations, ecological consulting, natural resources permitting and NEPA documentation nationwide. Our professional scientists assist clients in complying with federal, state and local laws and regulations. We guide you through the required process, to create economically viable developments in harmony with healthy, natural environments.


Finally, our geotechnical team collects soil and rock samples for in-house laboratory testing, used by our engineers to help guide the design of the structural and infrastructure systems based on your site’s unique needs. Through every phase of the construction process, we perform special inspections and materials testing to ensure your project is built to plan specifications.

No matter the project, GPD has the experience and technical capabilities to handle your project’s due diligence services.

A team of 75+ environmental, geotechnical and land surveying professionals

Seamless communication and fast response times

Turnkey due diligence services