A Fully Integrated Interchange in the Heart of Columbus

Built in the 1960s, an interweaving section of Interstate 70 and Interstate 71 in downtown Columbus serves as a critical link to the national and regional freight network, providing a connection for local and traveling public. It also consistently ranks in the top five locations for Ohio crashes and congestion. Officials partnered with GPD to design a plan to improve safety, add freeway capacity, enhance aesthetic features and allow full utilization of infrastructure. 

GPD developed a phased approach to enhance public safety and project constructability while minimizing impacts on local businesses, neighborhoods and travelers. GPD worked closely with local stakeholders to develop aggressive maintenance of traffic (MOT) plans and to communicate with the public and garner project support. 

The resulting project eliminated tightly spaced exit and entrance terminals to downtown Columbus through the corridor, eliminated interweaving and provided proper acceleration and deceleration lanes. Additionally, new bridges and retaining walls were designed to complement the aesthetics of and create connectivity in surrounding neighborhoods. 

Extensive public outreach

Comprehensive funding coordination

An enhanced experience for pedestrians and drivers