Connecting Communities With Summit Metroparks

Summit Metroparks partnered with GPD for Phase II for the ongoing development of the Freedom Trail to link the cities of Tallmadge and Akron, Ohio.

The 2.1-mile hike and bike trail route takes advantage of unused railroad line, and soil investigations showed that the underlying material was capable of accepting large quantities of stormwater, which eliminated the need for costly stormwater detention and quality measures. The resulting trail design connects the Portage hike and bike trail and sets the stage for the project’s final phase, which will link to the Towpath Trail, a 101-mile regional trail that stretches from downtown Cleveland through Akron and ends in the rural community of New Philadelphia. Additional features include the high-intensity activated crosswalk (HAWK) beacon allowing trail users to activate a red stop llight for motorists to allow trail users a safe crossing at a busy intersection. The unique stormwater design saved design fees and significant construction costs. 

2.1 miles of revitalized trails

Unique, cost-effective stormwater designs

New connectivity to the Towpath Trail