A Reinvented Experience and Sales Boost at JOANN Retail Stores

For over 25 years, GPD has been supporting JOANN Stores, Inc., with architecture and engineering services for both remodel and ground-up projects, and for the past 10 years has designed and maintained JOANN’s store prototype. When JOANN sought to reinvent its in-store experience as part of its brand transformation, they once again sought GPD’s partnership and expertise.

GPD helped refine new design concepts in preparation to remodel top-performing stores. GPD teams collaborated with JOANN marketing and design teams on the concept development and worked through the design details. GPD provided comprehensive services including architecture, design and engineering for the value engineering and build out of the new concept and utilized pilot store learnings to explore opportunities to reduce development cost and timelines. The approach was successful, leading to double-digit sales uplift in the initial store transformation, positive customer feedback and attraction to the new store design and experience.

25+ year partnership

A reinvented in-store experience

Double-digit retail sales increase